Big Things Coming…

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Hey y’all!  I realize I haven’t gotten off to the greatest start with my posting often, BUT let’s be real…SUMMER!  However, that is officially coming to a close by the end of this week for all of our girls. With that, I fully plan to be posting more often as I have a pile of posts on a variety of great topic that I’ve been working on.  I can hardly wait to share them!

Also, I know I briefly mentioned in a prior post, but I was invited to do some contributing to another website.  I accepted and my first official post for them goes live TOMORROW!!! Be sure to hop over to to follow and check it out.  (shameless plug) I’m pretty excited about this.  It’s a huge leap of faith for me and has me completely stepping out of my comfort zone.  However, I’ve been at complete peace and just feel God doing BIG things in and through me.  

You see, I’m learning, but I’m SO over having fear of what others think.  Will they like my post? Will they judge me? Will I look stupid? You know what?!  I DON’T CARE! God has given us all a voice and gifts and we are to use them. I don’t want to get older and regret not sharing and being given the opportunity to help/inspire even one person out of fear.  Fear is of the enemy, period! I want to know that I put myself out there and I used the gifts God gave me to bring Him glory. So, with that being said, I truly hope you enjoy what I’m sharing on all the different platforms.  I’d love to hear from you.  

With that said, I’m going to get off here and go enjoy the last day of summer with the youngest before she heads back to school tomorrow.  Seriously though, where did the summer go?!?!? Anyway, huge thanks to those that are supporting, encouraging, and pushing me to keep going after more.  You know who you are and I couldn’t do this life without y’all! Much love and blessings! ~ B

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