The Journey

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34 NIV

Here we go, jumping ALL in. Did I ever think I’d actually write a blog, NOPE. However, as I’m getting older I’m realizing that, one, we all have a voice. Two, we all have a story. Three, life is a journey, a marathon, a compilation of who we are and who we become. I believe (or have come to believe…it wasn’t always the case) that it’s so important we share our voice, our story, our journey, whatever it may be with others. Sometimes what we have gone through can give us the opportunity to maybe give someone else hope. To help encourage them, that we too have gone through something and you know what, we survived! We’ve come out on the other side still intact, but stronger, bolder, braver. It can also give us something to look back on and remind us when we face difficult times again, because I promise you there will always be more, that we survived. Sharing gives us the opportunity to inspire, give hope, encourage, teach, love on, and grow stronger.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve not always been one for sharing. In fact, I still have days that I don’t want to share the difficult times or even the victories. I would fear judgement of others or worry about what they would think of me about my struggles or hard times. Would they still like me, would they think different of me?? And on the flip side I would worry about sharing the victories, because again I don’t want people to judge me or think I’m trying to brag. But, again, as I’ve gotten older, I’m learning that I just don’t care what others think. I simply care about what Jesus, my husband, and my girls would think, because they are my priorities, period! And to hell with what others think and say. If they don’t like it, don’t listen (or in this case, don’t read it). Move on, because I don’t have time for it. I am not going to waist the precious time I’ve been given each day on that junk. Life is about living and embracing the moments, because tomorrow is not promised. I also believe that we aren’t supposed to live in comfort or in fear, but to be bold and step outside our comfort zone. When we opt to step out, we grow, and more opportunities arise.

So, here I am. I’m going to share life, the good the bad, the peaks the valleys, and everything in between. I’m going to share with you on so many topics, but I will forewarn you, I’m going to talk a lot about Jesus and how He’s changed my life and continues to do so daily in EVERY topic and aspect of my life. Am I perfect, hell no, nor would I want to be. But, I’ll keep it real, raw, and honest. All that I’m asking is that if you choose to read, you keep an open mind. My prayer is that you will feel inspired, find hope, find encouragement, become stronger, bolder, more confident, and feel the love of Christ through the words He gives me to write. Much love and blessings. ~ B

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